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Join Manny, the kids, & myself in our efforts to support Lupus Foundation of America - Texas Gulf Coast Chapter!

Thank you for supporting Lupus Foundation of America - As some of you know I am coming up on 10 years of being diagnosed this August. I am still very confused by this disease & continue to learn something new all the time. I am not going to say "I am fine". I am tired of saying it, it's not even true more than half the time these days. I am not fine, I am a hot mess who knows how to put on a good front. I just want to be honest with y'all. This is where I am at 10 years later...... still confused as ever, depressed, sick, tired, and in pain. I have found a good treatment plan within the last couple months, I think I am getting somewhere, slowly. This is why I would like for my family and friends to donate to this fund. It is legit, I have family members who have been donating since 2014 and I have been participating since then, as well. Even if this money doesn't go to a cure for me in my lifetime, I have followed this page for years, I learn about new treatments & discoveries from this site & their donations to do the research. I then seek these discoveries from my doctor.
I believe someday my dream will come true and I hope some lucky Mom or young lady with her entire life ahead of her is sitting in her bed, about to give up, when Hope comes along & sweeps her off her feet🤗 Please help me this year in reaching my goal, every little bit counts. And even if you cannot donate please read some articles and/or people's stories to educate yourself & we can all help educate the world. Warning signs can begin at any age. Let's get a headstart in recognizing this for our future kids & parents of the world. Remember sunscreen is your BFF!!!
Love Ash😘
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